Self Care Sunday

imageProduct review: Garnier Skin Active Matcha + Kaolin Face Mask

This paraben-free face mask combines Matcha Tea and Kaolin Clay in a creamy texture aimed at purifying, refreshing, mattifying and cleaning the skin.

When I applied the mask I felt a tingling sensation in some places on my face which made me worry that it was too intense and that it could be damaging. However, once the tingling subsided, the mask was as comfortable as any other clay mask. The smell is pleasant but not too overpowering of Matcha.

It took quite a while to rinse off even though I don’t think the layer I applied was too thick.  My face felt refreshed and definitely clean and clear. It appeared mattified and my moisturiser absorbed easily. After an hour or so, I did have some itchy patches on my cheek, so I added more moisturiser and hope it won’t be dry in the coming days.

All in all, it was a nice mask to use, though I will wait to see if there are any longer-lasting benefits as promised on the packaging.

Have you tried this mask yet? Have you experienced any side effects?

Happy Sunday



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