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  • Purple Rayn Boutique Guest House

    Purple Rayn Boutique Guest House
  • Getting ready for Valentines Day

    Getting ready for Valentines Day
  • Review: JeffreeStarXMorphe brush collab

    Review: JeffreeStarXMorphe brush collab
  • Self Care Sunday

    Self Care Sunday

China Glaze at Manor

If you ‘ve shopped at Manor in Zurich City recently you’ll have encountered various ladies waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator to either have your hair straightened or curled with the latest…

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Dining out

We start off our 2012 Dining out year on a really positive note, at Louis Brasserie in Niederdorfstrasse for dinner last night. In spite of having been out in ‘the Niederdorf’ many times over the…

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Ode to Ireland

Actually, not! but oh Ireland… what an amazing, beautiful country! I assure you, I’ve left a big part of my heart on the Emerald Isle. From the streets of Dublin to the Galway seaside, the…

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Loving Cape Town

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A touch of Vintage…

I had hoped to go this this vintage market on Saturday… but things didn’t work out as planned. From what I heard it was fun in spite of the rain we had. I was looking…

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