Happy 723rd birthday Switzerland


A busy month of June all around Switzerland

Make sure your camera batteries are charged, your cash card is loaded and you ‘ve got on your dancing shoes; Spring is here and the country has come alive with events to keep you busy every weekend!

ArtBasel: Annual art fair in Basel infamously visited by the likes of Brad Pitt and Naomi Campbell. And when you’re not celeb-spotting there’s “More than 2,500 artists, ranging from the great masters of Modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars, are represented in the show’s multiple sections. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works.”

SummerSound Festival: 16 –25 June – Thirty Seconds to Mars, James Blunt, Anastacia, Bob Dylan and and and… held on Zirkusplatz in Sursee only 1 hour by train from Zürich main station.

The IMPROVables: 17 – 25 June at The Zürich Comedy Club – Improv comedy IN ENGLISH!! If you’ve not experienced Improv theatre or comedy before, do yourself a favour and go!!

Über-178: Friday 17 June Because Size Matters! The 15th TALL PEOPLE party will be held at Kaufleuten Festsaal. Entry price before 11pm is CHF17.80 and thereafter CHF25. Ladies under 178cm are welcome too as long as they wear their highest heels! Lucky for me, I would only have to add 1cm to my height, though I’m certain my heels will be much higher!

Luzern Festival: Saturday 25 June – one full and busy day of parties, music, food, an air show and ending with fireworks over the Vierwaldstättesee which start at 22:30.

Zurich Festival: 17 June- 10 July “This year, the Zurich Festival will once again be presenting a unique combination of opera, concerts, dance, drama and fine art, thus demonstrating the rich variety offered by Zurich’s cultural institutions.”  Saturday June 18 is the Midsummer Night’s Ball at Zurich Main Station –  it’s something not to be missed!

Openair St. Gallen: 30 June – 3 July- I so want to see Linkin Park perform there on July 2nd!!

NaBloPoMo: Spring


A sure sign Spring is here (and oh so very small town Switzerland): the cows are out in the field again… our apartment is on the same street and old Mabel and her friend’s bells make a hell of a noise while they dine at 4am!!


My absolute favourite part** of Spring, of course has to be the hayfever. The teary eyes, the sore throat and constant sneezing leading everyone on the train to think to have  bad case of Swine Flu and looking at you like a diseased leper. Not to mention the light-headedness from the multiple anti-histamines (cos one is just not enough!) and everyone constantly looking at you with pity then laughing and thanking the Universe that they don’t have to suffer like you do.

Ah yes, I love, love, love Spring!! >bah humbug<

**note excessive sarcasm here

The weekend

Saturday’s shoe of the day, 015worn with boyfriend jeans and black t-shirt with the same colours as the shoes. Ideal for walking around Ikea and the WestFest to celebrate the opening of tunnels through the Uetliberg making it faster to travel from Zurich to Zug and beyond.

 007  New Ikea lamp.
106Red Bull Formula 1 racing car and the tyre marks it left.    113

074 Check here for more videos of the car’s performance. 041 Red Bull support car.
Fairground attractions – I, of course, took a ride on the Ferris Wheel 🙂

027 023  064 

085  Giant mammoth sized burgers, swiss style! And no fair (Chilbi) is complete without Knoblibrot (garlic bread) yumm!!!!!042

Teddy Bears all around

I had a wonderful day at the Badi with ms-mac and the mac-lings on Wednesday, though I’ve realised just how unfit I am. I take my hat off to ms-mac, she is amazing, full of stamina and strength and the epitome of grace. She also has miles and miles of patience who as wonderful as they are a handful.
We had a fantastic time and I came home exhausted and somewhat sore, serves me right for being so unfit! We’re going to try and keep a fixed swimming date, let’s hope I am diligent enough to get healthier!
I did not venture near that slide at all, though I have been informed that ms-mac has braved it numerous times! Hinwil Badi May 05
Today I went off in search of the infamous Teddy-Summer project which has had world wide media interest and coverage (I’ve even heard about it on South African radio) I managed to photograph about 120 of the 600+ bears, though I did skip a few that didn’t quite interest me.
It being such a hot summer’s day here in Zurich; had everyone out and about and the streets were full. I enjoyed most, watching little kids’ reactions to the bears – most could not resist touching them and you often saw little ones giving the bears a hug. When I could I took a picture of them, trying to avoid large(r) German women who I was convinced would pummel me! Züribären kids style
I plan to head back out tomorrow and find more bears, and will post on the subject again over the next few days. Today’s collage though, are the kids and kid themed bears.
COMMENT-DATE: 5/27/2005 6:45 AM
COMMENT-BODY: Hope you weren’t too sore!
I had a lovely afternoon!
COMMENT-DATE: 5/27/2005 6:07 PM
COMMENT-BODY: wow that slide is huge…glad you had a good time though, even if you are a bit sore, sounds like it was well worth it…