Zibelemärit–Bern’s annual onion fair

Mark your calendars! the next traditional, and equally famous, onion market takes place on Monday 23 November. Get to bed early the Sunday night as the market kicks off at 06:00! The Onion Market (onion market) is the largest market in Bern. Be on the look out for the amazing variety of onion-everything!, from onion braids, onion rings and onion figurines. You’ll also find textiles, jewellery, ceramics and toys.


There hasn’t been much to smile about lately but I’m always looking for that silver lining and keeping my chin up… here’s a few things that have cheered me up recently.. Amarula on ice since it’s been so very hot in Zurich! My tomatoes are looking and all cherry red! Who knew I had a [...]

Photo blogging*

*Because right now words fail me Chatting to my angel on Skype   Baked a yummy lemonlicious layer cake with lemon filling and coated in Italian meringue. Ate at the restaurant that the fork is pointing to, the food was absolutely delicious! Note the distinct high heel discrimination at the lookout point, tut!   The [...]