Oasis in the city

I’ve known there was a botanical garden in Zurich for a while now, but until now I’d never visited it. On the way back from an appointment the bus I was taking just happened to be going that way, so I hopped off and decided to have my lunch there.

If I’d known just how beautiful it was, I would not have waited 7 years to go and visit it! The gardens are magnificent and of course, so peaceful!

IMG_5717IMG_5716IMG_5724 Such pretty flowers!IMG_5679IMG_5691IMG_5729 And I made a friend while there too! He seems to be the resident cat and it so friendly and affectionate, At one stage he even sat on my lap! IMG_5711 There are lots of places all around the garden to sit and enjoy the calming surroundings. IMG_5692IMG_5725IMG_5690

Chilly snapshots of February

With the plummeting temperatures we’ve had, everything froze!IMG_1713 

This of course called for many mugs of hot Milo

IMG_1691 and Red velvet cupcakes.

You could track the kitties in the snow (which they loved) IMG_1685

IMG_1633And I was lucky enough to capture a close-up of snowflakes on the window ledge before they disappeared – I thank my phone’s camera for this!

One fountain froze so beautifully, someone rightly decorated the iciclesIMG_1839

and while this seal may have escaped the ice, its partner is covered behind him IMG_1827 

IMG_1797It sure did make for beautiful mornings and views across the Limmat

I was driven to the warmth of the classroom and learnt to decorate cupcakes with fondant IMG_1764

This one in honour of Fasnacht IMG_1765

IMG_1700 IMG_1705

All this chilliness called for a long hours spent in hot baths


 I’m sure going to miss this time of year!

The weekend

Saturday’s shoe of the day, 015worn with boyfriend jeans and black t-shirt with the same colours as the shoes. Ideal for walking around Ikea and the WestFest to celebrate the opening of tunnels through the Uetliberg making it faster to travel from Zurich to Zug and beyond.

 007  New Ikea lamp.
106Red Bull Formula 1 racing car and the tyre marks it left.    113

074 Check here for more videos of the car’s performance. 041 Red Bull support car.
Fairground attractions – I, of course, took a ride on the Ferris Wheel 🙂

027 023  064 

085  Giant mammoth sized burgers, swiss style! And no fair (Chilbi) is complete without Knoblibrot (garlic bread) yumm!!!!!042