China Glaze at Manor

If you ‘ve shopped at Manor in Zurich City recently you’ll have encountered various ladies waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator to either have your hair straightened or curled with the latest magic device or have been offered to have your dipped and rubbed in a salt scrub from the Dead Sea. I don’t envy these women as its a really tough job trying to stop busy shoppers on a budget and get them to try out your product in the hopes of buying it. I, too, have been guilty of brushing them off with a slight smile or tried not to make eye contact so that I wouldn’t be approached.  When meeting a friend at the store a few weeks ago, we came upon the China Glaze nail stand and now manicure stand. The first thing that got me was the pricing, at CHF25 for a file and polish, I could only think ‘BARGAIN’! (Yes, I know there will be expats who will say in their home country you can could get a full manicure at that price, but lest we forget, we are in Zürich, Switzerland and for here, its a good price!) So my friend and I decided there and then to try it out IMG_1282The selection of colours were dizzying from the more everyday colours to the very in fashion pastels, glittery sheens to add bling to any outfit and more! IMG_1285 (This photo is of just one of the display stands) IMG_1284After much deliberating on the shade we sat comfortably for our file and colour, our nails were sanitised (as were the files used), she asked our preferred nails shape. She then used a clear base coat, the colour – in 2 layers – and a top coat. With a final coat of quick dry on each nail we put our hands under the dryer till they were set and dry. IMG_1283 E and I, who are both devoted to black or any dark shades both stepped out of our comfort zones and went for colours we would never have worn otherwise, me with a dark pink and her in lightish purple. My chosen colour, as I discovered later, matched my iPad cover perfectly! IMG_1356 Both E and I managed to keep the ‘new’ colour on for about 48 hours, hers had chipped by day 2 and mine day 3.

I was happy with the filing and how my nails were painted and felt it was CHF25 well spent so I went back again last Thursday. This time E and I went for colours that were ‘more us’ – me in black and her in dark maroon.IMG_1390 IMG_1388

I decided on the Express Manicure at CHF37 where my cuticles were coated in a softener and then soaked for a few minutes. Before the filing, she pushed the cuticles back and then proceeded with the same procedure as previously. In my opinion the additional CHF12 was a bit of a waste and I won’t be doing that again, though I do plan to try their full manicure at CHF55 next time.

I recommend getting your nails filed and painted if you want a cheap treat (which will make you feel fabulous) or if you have a special evening planned and want to do something special for the event. No appointment necessary and they are there as long as the store is open (Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00). Do what we did and try something new and daring, it’s definitely FUN!

Mercatino Rimini 2011

Last Monday I tagged along with Elisa to the official opening of Rimini Bar’s Monday market. Every Monday in Summer, from May 23, the bar-come-bathing-area (for men only) opens its doors to the vintage- and kitsch-hunters and gorgeous fashionistas of Zurich. I’ve been a member of the Facebook group* since last Summer but not had the opportunity to go, so when E invited me to join her I made sure I was available.P1020905 (1024x768)

As one can imagine, there were a variety of stalls to be had with enough to make you lust after, rub your hands in excitement and of course to just drool over. Like these yummy looking cupcakes, unfortunately far too sweet for my taste, though the cake was quite nice. P1020912 (768x1024) I was really pleased to find the stall of Jo Brauer who’s blog I’ve been reading since it started a few months ago, and even more pleased when I got to meet the beautiful and friendly Jo herself. She sells the cutest and quaintest of vintage wares – her blog and online shop is well worth a visit. P1020930 (1024x768) P1020926 (768x1024)

There were lots of other gorgeous things to see and buy…
P1020925 (1024x768)
P1020921 (1024x768) but by 08:00 it became too crowded for the narrow pathways and it became to difficult to browse the stalls, let alone shop!, so E and I made our way to the main train station for something to eat and some long overdue -girl-time.

If you’re on the hunt for something vintage, something different and something special – RIMINI’s Monday market is definitely the place to go!

*For some reason I can’t post the hyperlink to the FB group – if you’re interested in joining it search for Montagsmarkt presents: Mercatino RIMINI 2011

Showcase new favourites: Jo Brauer Vintage

For about 2 months now I’ve been following the blog of Jo Brauer, who recently started her blog and opened an online vintage store. I love her wares, not to mention the cute photos in which everything is modelled. I recently went to the opening of the Mercatino Montagsmarkt at Rimini bar where I got to meet her! Unfortunately, I was totally unprepared for this (why???) and didn’t get to speak to her much except to tell her I’m a fan of her blog and shop and complimented her on the lovely goods she had on sale there.

P1020929 (768x1024)


P1020927 (768x1024)


P1020926 (768x1024)

Go check out the online store for more lovely goodies like this:

Blue Check Maxilong Skirt

**forgive me as I experiment on this here blog

I love…

oh my.. where to start?!?!?!! The past few days have been amazing, exciting, and so much more, there’s very few words to describe it.

… Fashion… As I’d mentioned previously, I got tickets to the opening night of the first ever Zurich Fashion Days as well as to the Up and Coming Swiss Designers show; it was amazing. Let me tell you, I’m quite addicted now, I can’t wait to attend my next fashion show! Once I’m home and organised (if ever!) I’ll do a proper blog post about both shows with lots of photos!

On Thursday after the morning show and VIP luncheon, I raced to Zürich airport to catch our flight to Berlin. On rushing to the airport – MAJOR TIP – do NOT take Tram 10!! Unless you have lots of time to waste. I did have time but the ride was so long, I got bored!! At least I can say I took the tram to the airport, but never again, that’s for sure.

… Berlin… The last four days in brief:
So Thursday evening we landed in a rather cold and rainy Berlin and after unpacking and settling into the hotel we made a beeline for Alexanderplatz for dinner. Now don’t judge me too harshly but it was SO worth it! KFC Rocks! IMG_1361

Friday morning I was up early and headed to the hotel pool – seriously people, nothing beats a swim in the mornings! IMG_1367After a yummy full American breakfast we made out way on our ‘shopping day’. IMG_1371 They have these mobile sausage stands all over Berlin, one guy had it attached to his wheelchair and others generally strapped to them, so strange to see – I wouldn’t dare buy from them though.

While walking past Deutsche Bank we saw a huge Harrods sign and display, Kismet!IMG_1374 I’d just mentioned at work how I would love another Harrods Christmas Bear (they bring out a new one each year) and look what I got! My cute new teddy IMG_1378 (along with some fudge and English shortbread, hee hee).

Friday night we decided to get a quick bite and found ourselves at some Aussie restaurant – by far the worst meal I’ve had in a long long long time!! IMG_1387 After dinner we went to see Dirty Dancing live on stage, I had SO much fun singing along and dancing in my seat. I must admit it was weird that all the talking was in German and even some of the songs but the dancing was spectacular!IMG_1389

Saturday was a slow and lazy day with a bit of browsing at KaDeWe and a bar lunch of beer and flammküchen (French pizza type thing) IMG_1415     IMG_1410 and in the evening we met with a friend and his son at a restaurant that boasts 100 different beers on the menu and I had a Castle lager!!!

Sunday we decided to do one of those hop-on hop-off bus tours, though we did little hopping off! mainly due to the cold weather and that we’d seen quite a bit already. I took so many photos of buildings around Berlin, I find the old and modern architecture so fascinating! We ended our bus tour with a visit to the Berlin Aqua Dom . Anyone who knows me, knows how I love animals and even more so sea creatures, I can spend hours / days in zoos and at aquariums; and this one didn’t fail to impress and inspire

IMG_1469      IMG_1473

Sunday, being my last night, we went to the hotel’s fabulous and famous restaurant for some delicious steak. I love how at the end of the meal you get to roast your own marshmallows!!IMG_1492

Then it was a 5am wake up call and off to the airport. It was great heading home last night to get cuddles from my furbabies, I missed them so much!

Now all rested and ready to face the rest of the busy week ahead! Tonight I’m meeting a dear friend going through a break up, tomorrow night I have a facial and Thursday night I’ll be preparing for our next girls dinner party I’m hosting on Friday which I’m really, really looking forward to!! Happy week everyone!!

Shoe of the day

I’ve not been a good blogger of late. Though, mind you, I did blog a fair amount when I was home ill last week.


Today, in spite of the drizzly weather, I’m wearing a pair of Nine West Leather peep toe shoe-boots. Along with it (since everyone gets dressed from their shoes up, right?) a pair of wide leg suit trousers and fitted three quarter sleeve polo neck jumper. To complete the outfit, Swarovski’s Domination range of earrings and matching necklace (I decided wearing the matching bracelet was a tad OTT, better suite for a night out) and casually draped around my neck, a grey cashmere scarf. (While on holiday in South Africa recently I saw the same shoe-boot in gold on sale at Nine West, bit too garish for me, but at least cheaper than what I paid for these in London.
I love this shoe-boot as it works well in Winter and could do for a night out in Summer (sans tights, of course), they’re super comfortable too!
Happy Friday everyone!