Rapperswil: Blues’n’Jazz Festival

June 29–July 2, 2017

Four days, three stages with Lake Zurich providing a beautiful background; all this and more to be found at the 2017 blues’n’jazz Festival. This year’s headline acts are Bob Geldof, Jan Delay and Bernese band Züri West.

Along with the Swiss artists, international musicians regularly perform at blues’n’jazz and this year is no exception. Whilst enjoying the great music, visitors can stroll along the lakeside promenade, indulge in the variety of food and drink on offer at the market stalls and explore picturesque town of Rapperswil.

For more info and the detailed program: www.bluesnjazz.ch

A touch of Vintage…

I had hoped to go this this vintage market on Saturday… but things didn’t work out as planned. From what I heard it was fun in spite of the rain we had.

I was looking forward to finding some of these to take home with me – all of these priced at under CHF100!! However, I’ll have to settle for the online ordering system on the site instead. Be sure to check it out.

A busy month of June all around Switzerland

Make sure your camera batteries are charged, your cash card is loaded and you ‘ve got on your dancing shoes; Spring is here and the country has come alive with events to keep you busy every weekend!

ArtBasel: Annual art fair in Basel infamously visited by the likes of Brad Pitt and Naomi Campbell. And when you’re not celeb-spotting there’s “More than 2,500 artists, ranging from the great masters of Modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars, are represented in the show’s multiple sections. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works.”

SummerSound Festival: 16 –25 June – Thirty Seconds to Mars, James Blunt, Anastacia, Bob Dylan and and and… held on Zirkusplatz in Sursee only 1 hour by train from Zürich main station.

The IMPROVables: 17 – 25 June at The Zürich Comedy Club – Improv comedy IN ENGLISH!! If you’ve not experienced Improv theatre or comedy before, do yourself a favour and go!!

Über-178: Friday 17 June Because Size Matters! The 15th TALL PEOPLE party will be held at Kaufleuten Festsaal. Entry price before 11pm is CHF17.80 and thereafter CHF25. Ladies under 178cm are welcome too as long as they wear their highest heels! Lucky for me, I would only have to add 1cm to my height, though I’m certain my heels will be much higher!

Luzern Festival: Saturday 25 June – one full and busy day of parties, music, food, an air show and ending with fireworks over the Vierwaldstättesee which start at 22:30.

Zurich Festival: 17 June- 10 July “This year, the Zurich Festival will once again be presenting a unique combination of opera, concerts, dance, drama and fine art, thus demonstrating the rich variety offered by Zurich’s cultural institutions.”  Saturday June 18 is the Midsummer Night’s Ball at Zurich Main Station –  it’s something not to be missed!

Openair St. Gallen: 30 June – 3 July- I so want to see Linkin Park perform there on July 2nd!!

Mercatino Rimini 2011

Last Monday I tagged along with Elisa to the official opening of Rimini Bar’s Monday market. Every Monday in Summer, from May 23, the bar-come-bathing-area (for men only) opens its doors to the vintage- and kitsch-hunters and gorgeous fashionistas of Zurich. I’ve been a member of the Facebook group* since last Summer but not had the opportunity to go, so when E invited me to join her I made sure I was available.P1020905 (1024x768)

As one can imagine, there were a variety of stalls to be had with enough to make you lust after, rub your hands in excitement and of course to just drool over. Like these yummy looking cupcakes, unfortunately far too sweet for my taste, though the cake was quite nice. P1020912 (768x1024) I was really pleased to find the stall of Jo Brauer who’s blog I’ve been reading since it started a few months ago, and even more pleased when I got to meet the beautiful and friendly Jo herself. She sells the cutest and quaintest of vintage wares – her blog and online shop is well worth a visit. P1020930 (1024x768) P1020926 (768x1024)

There were lots of other gorgeous things to see and buy…
P1020925 (1024x768)
P1020921 (1024x768) but by 08:00 it became too crowded for the narrow pathways and it became to difficult to browse the stalls, let alone shop!, so E and I made our way to the main train station for something to eat and some long overdue -girl-time.

If you’re on the hunt for something vintage, something different and something special – RIMINI’s Monday market is definitely the place to go!

*For some reason I can’t post the hyperlink to the FB group – if you’re interested in joining it search for Montagsmarkt presents: Mercatino RIMINI 2011

Showcase new favourites: Jo Brauer Vintage

For about 2 months now I’ve been following the blog of Jo Brauer, who recently started her blog and opened an online vintage store. I love her wares, not to mention the cute photos in which everything is modelled. I recently went to the opening of the Mercatino Montagsmarkt at Rimini bar where I got to meet her! Unfortunately, I was totally unprepared for this (why???) and didn’t get to speak to her much except to tell her I’m a fan of her blog and shop and complimented her on the lovely goods she had on sale there.

P1020929 (768x1024)


P1020927 (768x1024)


P1020926 (768x1024)

Go check out the online store for more lovely goodies like this:

Blue Check Maxilong Skirt

**forgive me as I experiment on this here blog