Zuger Sunset

On Friday after work I joined the lovely @okvillage for drinks and dinner at the lake in my favourite Swiss town, Zug. We got to watch a beautiful sunset  IMG_3929IMG_3925

before heading to dinner at the yacht club restaurant, Hafenrestaurant, with its lovely patio and fabulous views.

Ms Village recommended the Fish and Chips, which i eagerly agreed to since I’m still in search of the perfect fish and chips makers in Switzerland! Fish and chips on the lake The chips were delicious-  not ‘proper thick cut potatoes’, but typical French allumettes with the most delicious chip spice sprinkled all over it. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the fish bites, though the batter wasn’t too bad,IMG_3937 The company and obviously, the view more than made up for the meal. After dinner we made our way to Mantra Bar to enjoy a few drinks and listen to some friends DJ.

IMG_3919 The impending storm that loomed before dinner luckily moved on and we got to enjoy the evening outdoors

Zurich: Loft Five Bakery

I’d been to Loft Five (the bar) recently and liked it so much I promised myself I’d be back again… it took a few weeks, but this morning I made my way back. This time, sitting in the bakery section of the business, literally around the corner from the bar (same building space, but a different entrance) IMG_1144
The atmosphere is lovely, very relaxed with soft jazzy music in the background. They have a very limited menu for a proper breakfast just offering the usual gipfli, sandwiches and light nibbles but I can see this as being the ideal place for meeting up for lunch with friends.  The cappuccino is delicious (I had 2!) IMG_1143
I definitely want to try the bakery for an afternoon of cake and tea as there’s cheesecake, cremeschnitte (custard slices) and more, along with a large variety of teas.
Oh, did I mention the decor? I love it, very ‘lofty’, haha!, with a collection of cute and different pieces that all fit together to make this the ideal hangout!

Zurich: Cafe Felix am Bellevue

One thing I love about the coffee group that I’ve joined is that I am getting a chance to visit cafes and restaurants I hadn’t been to yet. This week we met at Cafe Felix am Bellevue. I’ve heard about Felix but for some reason never got round to going there even though I’m in the area weekly.

My first impression was one of delight, it is bright, with high ceilings and the first thing that catches your eyes is the massive displays of roses trailing down the walls! At first its aesthetically pleasing but as you realise the roses are plastic and that they’re just about everywhere it does start to feel a bit OTT.


The atmosphere is pleasant, if a bit noisy due to the huge room, but they gladly accommodated our group of 11, rearranging tables and chairs for us.

Their afternoon, apero menu is vast with almost too much to choose from! I loved the menu page dedicated to champagnes and prosecco which I could definitely have indulged in! Most of the ladies ordered coffee or tea with one or two having from the fresh juice selection and a variety of cakes and snacks were ordered. I tried two of the crostini on offer – one with brie and the other with smoked salmon. IMG_1001While the crostini were quite small the generous toppings made up for it and I enjoyed it.

The cafe is huge with a large outside seating area (as usual, mostly used by smokers) as well as having an upstairs dining area overlooking the rest of the cafe. IMG_0996

At Sfr24.60 for a cappuccino, the 2 crostini and a cola, it was value for money and definitely worth another visit.


Zurich: Breakfast at Bohemia!

As a creature of habit, I always order the same food from restaurants I visit regularly – I have this theory that if its good, why have anything else? Yes, I know its a limiting and rather silly dining policy. So when I went to Bohemia with the ‘Coffee Girls’, I already knew I’d be ordering plain flapjacks with maple syrup and a side of bacon.

Instead, this time I chose the 3 cheese, egg white omelette and Oh My Goodness! It was delicious! While this means that my new standard order at Bohemia may have changed, I am really chuffed I tried something new. So go on, try that omelette – you’ll thank me later.


In search of the perfect Fish 'n Chips

I love traditional fish ‘n chips, a British staple dating back to the 1900’s (or earlier).

For me, there’s nothing better than a light, crispy beer batter, smothering a hot, tender piece of fish (preferably cod, as is tradition). The chips should be thick cut, a bit crisp on the outside and soft on the inside then drizzled with malt vinegar. A pickled onion would not go amiss with this lovely dish either and one cannot do without a serving of tartar sauce to dip it all in. That is just the way ‘I’ like it.

Even after living in Switzerland for close to 9 years, from time to time I still crave a hot serving of fish ‘n chips with a cold beer on a summer’s day. So, when I find myself in what is a self-labelled ‘traditional English pub’, the first thing I check is if they have my favourite on the  menu. Clearly if they don’t, there’s something very wrong in my opinion!

Today, was just such a day, when all I wanted was a taste of hot fish in light, crispy batter with a squeeze of fresh lemon and hint of malt vinegar, I made my way into Zurich city a bit earlier for my appointment and headed into The Nelson Pub in Beatengasse (“An original English pub” according to their website). The charming bar lady offered me a menu and I asked immediately if they had traditional fish and chips, I wouldn’t need the menu. My meal came in about 12 minutes – which is to be expected if it freshly prepared. This is what I was presented with:IMG_1498

Unfortunately, it didn’t look appetising from the onset. It seemed more shallow-fried than deep fried, with dark patches on the batter.

The batter, as it turned out, was undercooked and still doughy closest to the fish, it was thick and quite tasteless.IMG_1497 At the least the fish was warmed through. The chips were equally disappointing with a strange texture which led me to think they had been reheated, possibly cooked half an hour prior to my order. I didn’t finish my lunch as it was all in all very disappointing.

I know of Nelson’s to be a fun place to hang out at night, till the early hours, and if you’re new in town, here’s where you’ll meet local, English-speaking expats – it’s clearly just not the place to go looking for traditional English fare.

And so begins my ideal fish ‘n chips search, as I go from one ‘English’ pub to another in the city (perhaps the country?) to find the best!IMG_1496