SwissTwist kitchen: Oat cookies

For someone who spends most of her life cooking and baking, it’s surprising to most that I am a fussy eater.. VERY fussy. I’ve probably the least adventurous palette of anyone I know,! Along with my allergies and food aversions (nuts, capsicum, seafood and then some), I’m quite nervous to try new things and often … Continue reading SwissTwist kitchen: Oat cookies

SwissTwist kitchen: Viennese whirl biscuits

I saw these Viennese whirl biscuits mentioned on a baking blog I follow and decided to make my version of it (not sandwiched with cream basically). It's quick and easy to make and such a yummy treat, I decided to share it with you. The original recipe comes from the Hairy Bikers. Ingredients 250g very … Continue reading SwissTwist kitchen: Viennese whirl biscuits