Welcome to SwissTwist BFM (Beauty, Fashion and More)! My name is Marisa also know as SwissTwist. I started out blogging in 2005 concentrating mainly on my life as a newly wed and expat in Switzerland. Over the years my blog evolved from more personal posts to expat-related things, and eventually  just sat there waiting for the day inspiration came back. I’ve since explored a lot more of my not-so-new home country and now find myself living in beautiful Canton Glarus with a view of the Seerenbach falls from my desk.

I’ve always been a bit of late bloomer, so my new obsession with beauty products and makeup would come as little surprise to my friends and family. I was fortunate to grow up with makeup and such around me, as my mum worked in the industry for over 40 years. Alas, as a teenager, I never took advantage of the amazing opportunity before me and I rebelled; becoming a goth-chic – only wearing heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick; much to mum’s dismay!  Inspired by my beautiful 22 year old daughter who is a talented makeup artist (clearly she takes after my mum), I started taking more interest in the beauty scene. I regularly watch countless YouTube videos and read many blogs, have a long list of my favourite ‘beauty gurus’ and  in the last year I’ve built up a rather impressive makeup collection.

After turning 40, I suddenly realised that I was not only getting on in years but my skin and body had started taking its toll too. So I’ve actively been making more of an effort to take care of my skin, which is an ever evolving process.

Added to all of this, being a plus-size gal in Switzerland is not easy. Shopping for decent, fashionable clothes for bigger girls is a definite challenge. So join me in my search both in Switzerland and online to find clothes that work!

On this blog you’ll find beauty product and skincare reviews, occasional posts about life and events in Switzerland and whatever inspires me.

I am a bit camera shy but will occasionally post a makeup look as I try to find what works for me and my aging skin.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog is produced 100% by me. I take my time in creating interesting content.

So, what do you think?

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