Review: Urban Decay’s The Velvetizer

So the only way to describe this product is WOW!!  The Velvetizer is a loose, translucent powder that you mix in with your favourite tinted moisturizer or foundation to create an extra ‘velvety’ feel and giving a beautiful matte finish as well as a bit of extra coverage.

Initially it’s a challenge finding the right ratio / balance of powder to liquid, and it can take some practice. Adding too much powder will cause the mixture to ball up on application. Urban Decay suggests using a dime-sized amount per full pump of foundation or tinted moisturizer, in my experience though, I recommend using half that to start until you have the consistency of a paste.

I shake it into my palm (or you could use a saucer / lid), add a bit of Naked Skin or Armani IMG_3685Luminous Silk foundation, mix it together with my silicone face-mask brush (that way it doesn’t pick up any product and it mixes evenly), then apply as normal.

If you do see any pilling, lightly pat it down until it blends into your skin (and use a little less powder next time).

Because the powder thickens liquids you mix it with, you get fuller coverage transforming into a soft focus matte that glides over pores and fine lines .

Of course, The Velvetizer can also be used as a finishing powder for either concealer or as an all over setting powder.

This product is FANTASTIC giving you silky, airbrushed-looking skin. The powder has an ultra-fine texture and is free of oil, parabens, alcohol, and fragrances.

Available in store at Manor or online at Manor for CHF37.90 and

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