Review: Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara

Another something new and different!

Givenchy brings us Noir Interdit Mascara, a deep black mascara that creates a lash extension effect and buildable volume, all this thanks to its innovative 90° bendable brush. The unique brush angle ensures that lashes are reached from the root up for ultimate length. Not only that but I found with the bent brush, it was much easier to reach the shorter lashes in the inner corners of my eyes – a win as it meant I wasn’t poking myself in the eye or getting mascara against my nose as I tend to do with regular brushes. 

Ultimately, the result is quite lovely with a very natural look, especially for those of us who want beautifully tweaked and separated eyelashes.
**Not long after I bought this in the colour Deep Black, I saw a video by fabulous MAU Wayne Goss, giving the tip to bend your mascara brush to achieve the effect that the Noir Interdit does!

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