Bubble mask testing

During my latest visit to Sephora at Manor in Zürich, I picked up a few masks, one of which being the *Earth Beauty Bubble Mask Sheet.

Feeling brave, I thought I would test the mask in an Instagram video, but being such a novice, I wasn’t aware the video could only be 60 seconds long – I’m certain that I’ve seen longer videos but I had no idea how to upload it. So, long story short, I downloaded the Windows Movie Maker program on my laptop and created a proper video. I must admit that I’m pretty chuffed with how it turned out, though I cringe at the sound of my  voice. Anyway, here goes… enjoy my first video product review!

After toning and moisturising my face, my skin felt very soft and smooth – I had to stop myself from constantly stroking my cheek!! I would recommend this mask if you’re in the mood for some bubbly fun.

*Tony Moly’s Bubble Mask Sheet is a foaming tissue mask that cleanses, eliminates dead skin cells and helps regulate excess sebum. Transforming into lather as soon as it gets in touch with air, it gently massages and exfoliates skin with its charcoal. Cost: CHF 7.50

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