Brushes That Make Your Products Go Further? Oval Brush Review

The oval brush trend was originally kicked off by the brand Artis. These ergonomically designed oval brushes are  shaped for ease of use with densly packed fibres which are meant to easily smooth on makeup. Rather than spend a small fortune on the expensive original Artis brushes (costing around USD360!), I found this affordable d upeat House of Beauty Schweiz, from London Pride. The  Oval Brushes Multipurpose Set, which contains 10 brushes (4 large oval, 4 small oval and 2 round) for just CHF39.95.

I tested the second largest Oval Multi-Purpose Face Brush with my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I pumped the foundation on the back of my hand and dabbed the brush into it. Using circular motions, the foundation blended effortlessly. The brush seemed to spread the product further than a sponge does. Typically, a beauty sponge absorbs some of the foundation, so with a sponge you need more. This brush just evenly spread the foundation over the skin with little left on the brush.

My favourite brushes were these 4 oval brushes. I found the largest of the set too big to use for foundation and too firm  for setting powder.

The small oval brush was great for under-eye concealer. I used Armani beauty Master Colour Corrector in pink and then the No. 3.5 Concealer, camouflaging my dark circles. I found the 3rd largest oval brush worked well with my Bobbi Brown blush in gentle sweeping movements to create a natural tinge of colour to my cheeks.

My beauty products seemed to go further than they would usually do with a beauty sponge, so I was very impressed.  I was really surprised at the ease of use of the brushes and the end results, I love them so much more than I thought I would!

Have you tried oval brushes yet? Which work best for you?

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