German conversation and coffee – Babu’s

An advantage of InterNations is the many groups that one can join – from sporting activities, going to movies or, as recently, having a chance to practice speaking German. With the new group consul appointed recently, there’s now a chance to go to daytime convo and chat meet-ups, great for non-working folk (like me) and those who can’t get away in the evenings. Everyone at the meet-up were non-German speakers, except for one lovely Austrian lady, who we were very lucky to have join us as she answered language questions, did a few translations and kindly helped us with our grammar. I do hope she joins again, or any other native German speaker for that matter!

Yesterday’s gathering was at Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse in Löwenstrasse. As always, their monster sized cappuccinos were delicious and this time I tried the Lox Bagel, which I will definitely be having again!



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