Salon review: Beauty Republic, Zurich

It’s been chilly out, but oh so very pretty too. I do love out Winter landscapes, especially when taking a bus into the city. IMG_2228
A few months ago, I purchased a voucher on Groupon for a pedicure with Shellac at Beauty Republic. I’m always keen to try out new salons and find great deals, so what better way to be introduced than with a discount voucher! The salon is very conveniently located within walking distance from Bahnhof Enge.IMG_2222 You can even stop off at the Starbucks on the corner to get a coffee while waiting for your appointment then take the short walk to the salon. Oxana, the owner, is lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered by her while discussing the various beauty products on the market; amongst lots of other things.IMG_2225IMG_2224 I was impressed with the quality of the pedicure and the service at the salon in general. As Oxana said, just because I got a discounted voucher it doesn’t mean I should get a discounted service level. The pedicure itself was good, starting with a soaking, filing, and taking care of the hard skin (I did pity her having to work on my ugly feet, but she handled it like the pro that she is!)
Look how pretty my nails look!! IMG_2226
If you work in the city, this salon is close enough to pop into during your lunch hour for a quick treatment and a chat with the ladies while watching the passers-by.
Beauty Republic
Oxana Conforto – Geschäftsführerin
Seestrasse 11
8002 Zürich

043 344 57 55

Mo-Mi            09:00-19:00
Do                    09:00-20:00
Fr                      09:00-19:00
Sa                     09:00-17:00

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