Zurich: Loft Five Bakery

I’d been to Loft Five (the bar) recently and liked it so much I promised myself I’d be back again… it took a few weeks, but this morning I made my way back. This time, sitting in the bakery section of the business, literally around the corner from the bar (same building space, but a different entrance) IMG_1144

The atmosphere is lovely, very relaxed with soft jazzy music in the background. They have a very limited menu for a proper breakfast just offering the usual gipfli, sandwiches and light nibbles but I can see this as being the ideal place for meeting up for lunch with friends.  The cappuccino is delicious (I had 2!) IMG_1143

I definitely want to try the bakery for an afternoon of cake and tea as there’s cheesecake, cremeschnitte (custard slices) and more, along with a large variety of teas.

Oh, did I mention the decor? I love it, very ‘lofty’, haha!, with a collection of cute and different pieces that all fit together to make this the ideal hangout!



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