Oasis in the city

I’ve known there was a botanical garden in Zurich for a while now, but until now I’d never visited it. On the way back from an appointment the bus I was taking just happened to be going that way, so I hopped off and decided to have my lunch there.

If I’d known just how beautiful it was, I would not have waited 7 years to go and visit it! The gardens are magnificent and of course, so peaceful!

IMG_5717IMG_5716IMG_5724 Such pretty flowers!IMG_5679IMG_5691IMG_5729 And I made a friend while there too! He seems to be the resident cat and it so friendly and affectionate, At one stage he even sat on my lap! IMG_5711 There are lots of places all around the garden to sit and enjoy the calming surroundings. IMG_5692IMG_5725IMG_5690


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