Chilly snapshots of February

With the plummeting temperatures we’ve had, everything froze!IMG_1713 

This of course called for many mugs of hot Milo

IMG_1691 and Red velvet cupcakes.

You could track the kitties in the snow (which they loved) IMG_1685

IMG_1633And I was lucky enough to capture a close-up of snowflakes on the window ledge before they disappeared – I thank my phone’s camera for this!

One fountain froze so beautifully, someone rightly decorated the iciclesIMG_1839

and while this seal may have escaped the ice, its partner is covered behind him IMG_1827 

IMG_1797It sure did make for beautiful mornings and views across the Limmat

I was driven to the warmth of the classroom and learnt to decorate cupcakes with fondant IMG_1764

This one in honour of Fasnacht IMG_1765

IMG_1700 IMG_1705

All this chilliness called for a long hours spent in hot baths


 I’m sure going to miss this time of year!


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