China Glaze at Manor

If you ‘ve shopped at Manor in Zurich City recently you’ll have encountered various ladies waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator to either have your hair straightened or curled with the latest magic device or have been offered to have your dipped and rubbed in a salt scrub from the Dead Sea. I don’t envy these women as its a really tough job trying to stop busy shoppers on a budget and get them to try out your product in the hopes of buying it. I, too, have been guilty of brushing them off with a slight smile or tried not to make eye contact so that I wouldn’t be approached.  When meeting a friend at the store a few weeks ago, we came upon the China Glaze nail stand and now manicure stand. The first thing that got me was the pricing, at CHF25 for a file and polish, I could only think ‘BARGAIN’! (Yes, I know there will be expats who will say in their home country you can could get a full manicure at that price, but lest we forget, we are in Zürich, Switzerland and for here, its a good price!) So my friend and I decided there and then to try it out IMG_1282The selection of colours were dizzying from the more everyday colours to the very in fashion pastels, glittery sheens to add bling to any outfit and more! IMG_1285 (This photo is of just one of the display stands) IMG_1284After much deliberating on the shade we sat comfortably for our file and colour, our nails were sanitised (as were the files used), she asked our preferred nails shape. She then used a clear base coat, the colour – in 2 layers – and a top coat. With a final coat of quick dry on each nail we put our hands under the dryer till they were set and dry. IMG_1283 E and I, who are both devoted to black or any dark shades both stepped out of our comfort zones and went for colours we would never have worn otherwise, me with a dark pink and her in lightish purple. My chosen colour, as I discovered later, matched my iPad cover perfectly! IMG_1356 Both E and I managed to keep the ‘new’ colour on for about 48 hours, hers had chipped by day 2 and mine day 3.

I was happy with the filing and how my nails were painted and felt it was CHF25 well spent so I went back again last Thursday. This time E and I went for colours that were ‘more us’ – me in black and her in dark maroon.IMG_1390 IMG_1388

I decided on the Express Manicure at CHF37 where my cuticles were coated in a softener and then soaked for a few minutes. Before the filing, she pushed the cuticles back and then proceeded with the same procedure as previously. In my opinion the additional CHF12 was a bit of a waste and I won’t be doing that again, though I do plan to try their full manicure at CHF55 next time.

I recommend getting your nails filed and painted if you want a cheap treat (which will make you feel fabulous) or if you have a special evening planned and want to do something special for the event. No appointment necessary and they are there as long as the store is open (Monday to Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00). Do what we did and try something new and daring, it’s definitely FUN!


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