Ode to Ireland

Actually, not! but oh Ireland… what an amazing, beautiful country! I assure you, I’ve left a big part of my heart on the Emerald Isle. From the streets of Dublin to the Galway seaside, the sites around Kilkenny and the calmness of Wicklow.. this was by far one of the best holidays we’ve had (my sincere apologies to the Cinque Terra and Toscana – I still love you dearly). It’s also the first proper vacation that MrTwist and I have taken in more than 3 years, it was way overdue!


031  090 091 088 039 085 IMG_0117


Galway (5)Galway (1)Galway (3)Galway (9)Galway (14)Galway (6)


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619462IMG_0236488492498522557561602Ireland by Ris (223)

These photos don’t even scratch the surface of how awesomely beautiful Ireland is…

So, what do you think?

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