Lets Play Catch-up, shall we?

So I’ve been away from proper blogging for about a month now, so much has been going on that I’ve either not had the time or just not the energy to actually blog about it. If only I could transmit the blog posts written in my head directly online, that would be wonderful.

So in the last month (or so) my hair has gone from this


to this!


I’m very happy with it, having gotten so very frustrated with short hair that one can do absolutely nothing with!

As the last part of my partner’s birthday presents, I got him tickets to Karl’s Bühne Gassenschau: Silo 8. It was absolutely amazing! Especially considering it was in Swiss German, in different dialects and with a bit of Italian thrown in to add to any struggling foreigner’s confusion. I was surprised at just how much I understood, even the Italian. Here’s some pics and a short video clip of the intro.     If you understand German and get a chance to see the show anywhere in Switzerland, I highly recommend it! (FYI, the current show runs until September 26)

Sunday morning we went for brunch at Bohemia, it’s so popular there you ‘have’ to book a table and they’ve even extended brunch to 4pm!! All day English breakfast, flapjacks and maple syrup and, and, and!! Its a very popular place for most of Zürich expats in search of a little something familiar; and its SO delicious!

Have a wonderful week!

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