Lets Play Catch-up, shall we?

So I’ve been away from proper blogging for about a month now, so much has been going on that I’ve either not had the time or just not the energy to actually blog about it. If only I could transmit the blog posts written in my head directly online, that would be wonderful.

So in the last month (or so) my hair has gone from this


to this!


I’m very happy with it, having gotten so very frustrated with short hair that one can do absolutely nothing with!

As the last part of my partner’s birthday presents, I got him tickets to Karl’s Bühne Gassenschau: Silo 8. It was absolutely amazing! Especially considering it was in Swiss German, in different dialects and with a bit of Italian thrown in to add to any struggling foreigner’s confusion. I was surprised at just how much I understood, even the Italian. Here’s some pics and a short video clip of the intro.     If you understand German and get a chance to see the show anywhere in Switzerland, I highly recommend it! (FYI, the current show runs until September 26)

Sunday morning we went for brunch at Bohemia, it’s so popular there you ‘have’ to book a table and they’ve even extended brunch to 4pm!! All day English breakfast, flapjacks and maple syrup and, and, and!! Its a very popular place for most of Zürich expats in search of a little something familiar; and its SO delicious!

Have a wonderful week!

NaBloPoMo: Spring


A sure sign Spring is here (and oh so very small town Switzerland): the cows are out in the field again… our apartment is on the same street and old Mabel and her friend’s bells make a hell of a noise while they dine at 4am!!


My absolute favourite part** of Spring, of course has to be the hayfever. The teary eyes, the sore throat and constant sneezing leading everyone on the train to think to have  bad case of Swine Flu and looking at you like a diseased leper. Not to mention the light-headedness from the multiple anti-histamines (cos one is just not enough!) and everyone constantly looking at you with pity then laughing and thanking the Universe that they don’t have to suffer like you do.

Ah yes, I love, love, love Spring!! >bah humbug<

**note excessive sarcasm here

The weekend

Saturday’s shoe of the day, 015worn with boyfriend jeans and black t-shirt with the same colours as the shoes. Ideal for walking around Ikea and the WestFest to celebrate the opening of tunnels through the Uetliberg making it faster to travel from Zurich to Zug and beyond.

 007  New Ikea lamp.
106Red Bull Formula 1 racing car and the tyre marks it left.    113

074 Check here for more videos of the car’s performance. 041 Red Bull support car.
Fairground attractions – I, of course, took a ride on the Ferris Wheel 🙂

027 023  064 

085  Giant mammoth sized burgers, swiss style! And no fair (Chilbi) is complete without Knoblibrot (garlic bread) yumm!!!!!042

Shoe of the day

I’ve not been a good blogger of late. Though, mind you, I did blog a fair amount when I was home ill last week.


Today, in spite of the drizzly weather, I’m wearing a pair of Nine West Leather peep toe shoe-boots. Along with it (since everyone gets dressed from their shoes up, right?) a pair of wide leg suit trousers and fitted three quarter sleeve polo neck jumper. To complete the outfit, Swarovski’s Domination range of earrings and matching necklace (I decided wearing the matching bracelet was a tad OTT, better suite for a night out) and casually draped around my neck, a grey cashmere scarf. (While on holiday in South Africa recently I saw the same shoe-boot in gold on sale at Nine West, bit too garish for me, but at least cheaper than what I paid for these in London.
I love this shoe-boot as it works well in Winter and could do for a night out in Summer (sans tights, of course), they’re super comfortable too!
Happy Friday everyone!

A visit to Madame Toussards London Oct 08

Alfed Hitchcock couldn’t keep his hands off me!


Charles Dickens had a thing or two to say about that!

While The Terminator came to drag him away  to the Chamber of Horrors

To see more of my star gazing, go here.

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