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We start off our 2012 Dining out year on a really positive note, at Louis Brasserie in Niederdorfstrasse for dinner last night. In spite of having been out in ‘the Niederdorf’ many times over the years, this restaurant has somehow stayed off the radar. Granted, the big Moules-in-white-wine sign is what caught the ex’s eye and had us looking at the displayed menu more intently – ever since we visited to Ireland he’d had a taste for Moules served any which way!
The restaurant did not fail to impress, I loved seeing their monogram almost everywhere from the cloth serviettes Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (1)to the bottled water!
Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (2)
The place itself had the look and feel of a French seaside bistro but with a touch of class.Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (4)Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (5)
The service was fast and efficient, our drinks order was taken and delivered quickly, as was our first course – green salad for me and traditional French onion soup for him, which we both enjoyed.
Unlike our recent dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Powerscourt restaurant in Ireland we didn’t have to wait 45 minutes for our main course. The ex, of course having his moules with beef fillet with root roasted vegetables for me. My meat was perfectly cooked, tender and still reddish pink – though I would have preferred it a bit warmer. I loved the cafe de paris sauce that was generously melted over the whole fillet, I couldn’t get enough of it!
Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (6)Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (10)Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (8)
Isn’t the presentation of the fries too cute!
Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (9)Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (11)
Usually I don’t eat dessert when dining out, though the ex always does. This time I decided to try since the rest of the meal had been so good. I ordered the Crème Brule which was tasty but unfortunately they hadn’t caramelised the sugar sufficiently leaving the top still quite grainy, I missed the slight burnt flavour that comes with proper caramelisation as it adds something to the otherwise plain custard beneath. Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (12)the ex enjoyed the Tarte Tatin (which I couldn’t eat as it contained nuts!) Louis Brasserie Niederdorf (13)
All the dishes we had were presented and plated beautifully, again the branding was everywhere to be seen and I quite liked that. They get top marks from me for service as well. And the all important pricing was really quite reasonable – for a 3 course meal for both of us including water, 2 glasses of prosecco and vodka the total bill came to CHF158.
Brasserie Louis * Niederdorfstrasse 10 * CH-8001 Zürich * Telefon: +41 (0)44 250 76 80
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Ode to Ireland

Actually, not! but oh Ireland… what an amazing, beautiful country! I assure you, I’ve left a big part of my heart on the Emerald Isle. From the streets of Dublin to the Galway seaside, the sites around Kilkenny and the calmness of Wicklow.. this was by far one of the best holidays we’ve had (my sincere apologies to the Cinque Terra and Toscana – I still love you dearly). It’s also the first proper vacation that MrTwist and I have taken in more than 3 years, it was way overdue!


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Galway (5)Galway (1)Galway (3)Galway (9)Galway (14)Galway (6)


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619462IMG_0236488492498522557561602Ireland by Ris (223)

These photos don’t even scratch the surface of how awesomely beautiful Ireland is…

Loving Cape Town

A touch of Vintage…

I had hoped to go this this vintage market on Saturday… but things didn’t work out as planned. From what I heard it was fun in spite of the rain we had.

I was looking forward to finding some of these to take home with me – all of these priced at under CHF100!! However, I’ll have to settle for the online ordering system on the site instead. Be sure to check it out.

A busy month of June all around Switzerland

Make sure your camera batteries are charged, your cash card is loaded and you ‘ve got on your dancing shoes; Spring is here and the country has come alive with events to keep you busy every weekend!

ArtBasel: Annual art fair in Basel infamously visited by the likes of Brad Pitt and Naomi Campbell. And when you’re not celeb-spotting there’s “More than 2,500 artists, ranging from the great masters of Modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars, are represented in the show’s multiple sections. The exhibition includes the highest-quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works.”

SummerSound Festival: 16 –25 June – Thirty Seconds to Mars, James Blunt, Anastacia, Bob Dylan and and and… held on Zirkusplatz in Sursee only 1 hour by train from Zürich main station.

The IMPROVables: 17 – 25 June at The Zürich Comedy Club – Improv comedy IN ENGLISH!! If you’ve not experienced Improv theatre or comedy before, do yourself a favour and go!!

Über-178: Friday 17 June Because Size Matters! The 15th TALL PEOPLE party will be held at Kaufleuten Festsaal. Entry price before 11pm is CHF17.80 and thereafter CHF25. Ladies under 178cm are welcome too as long as they wear their highest heels! Lucky for me, I would only have to add 1cm to my height, though I’m certain my heels will be much higher!

Luzern Festival: Saturday 25 June – one full and busy day of parties, music, food, an air show and ending with fireworks over the Vierwaldstättesee which start at 22:30.

Zurich Festival: 17 June- 10 July “This year, the Zurich Festival will once again be presenting a unique combination of opera, concerts, dance, drama and fine art, thus demonstrating the rich variety offered by Zurich’s cultural institutions.”  Saturday June 18 is the Midsummer Night’s Ball at Zurich Main Station –  it’s something not to be missed!

Openair St. Gallen: 30 June – 3 July- I so want to see Linkin Park perform there on July 2nd!!

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